British Rowing Establishes Social Rowing League

British Rowing (South East Region) is in the process of establishing a new Social Rowing league.  The idea is to encourage participation in our sport and to provide access to a series of races for recreational clubs like ours. Recreational clubs or sections typically don’t enter the larger BR Regattas but would still like to participate in less daunting, shorter (300 meter?) races.

British rowing

Groups of clubs would take it in turn to organise and host what is essentially a round robin series of events. This would clearly avoid the need to transport boats (hosts to provide) and should ensure that both costs and the effort to organise can be kept to a minimum. Please note that participants would must be 18+ and be British Rowing Silver members

Because the British Rowing South East Region is so large, 4 semi-independent groups are being proposed. The GGBC would be a member of Group 1 along with Falcon, City of Oxford, Abingdon, Wallingford, Reading, Phyllis Court and Marlow RCs.

We have already indicated our interest in being part of this exciting initiative and an initial meeting of all Clubs will take place during the Weybridge Regatta on Sunday 2nd June 2013.  Geoff Arnold will attend this on behalf of the GGBC and will update you once things start to fall into place.