About us

Goring Gap Boat Club (GGBC) is one of the largest recreational rowing clubs in the Thames Valley based at Lower Basildon. We built and moved to our new boathouse in 2018 and although it is in full use there is plenty more to do. You can see our journey here. Membership is open to all, from all ages gaining their first rowing experience, those returning to rowing after years away, to veterans with a lifetime on the river.

There is always time for refreshments and chat after rowing

The club’s aims are simple: “to make it possible for members to enjoy unpowered boating”. To that end we have regular sessions throughout the week and weekends. Experienced rowers can be assessed and then take out boats outside of these session times throughout the year. 

Beginners are assured of a warm welcome, and a relaxed and safe introduction to the sport through our Learn 2 Row courses.

If you have previous experience but are a bit rusty then you could just join and have a few gentle outings to get you back in the swing of it.

We are a club run by and for its members on a volunteer basis. All members are expected to join in with at least some Club activities – such as maintenance, building development, fundraising, coaching beginners, launch driving, management committee. 

A number of rowers enjoy a bit of competition at Explore Events in the Thames Valley.

We also have a small fleet of fun boats which mean that those who do not want to or are unable to row, can still enjoy the river at their leisure. Members can take their family and friends out in these boats.

Over the years it’s estimated that 1600 rowers have taken to the water under the guidance of GGBC.

It’s not just about river rowing. We are a recreational club and there are opportunities to enjoy other activities on tour with GGBC. Last year we went to The Lake District on a walking weekend, this year it is Wales. We are also repeating a fabulous weekend offering an introduction to gig rowing in Swanage and have a day trip to Studland for some sea sculling. And there is plenty of social activity with BBQs and drinks after rowing in the Summer, and an annual Christmas party.

If you want to find out more get in touch. You are assured of a warm welcome. 

GGBC is a community and amateur sports club (CASC) and limited by guarantee.