Welcome Back to Rowing Weekend on 28th & 29th April

We hope that club members who have not rowed much recently, have had a break over the winter, or have recently joined the club will come along for extended club sessions at the end of the month.

On Saturday 28th we will have the usual club session from 9 – 11am with tea/coffee and cakes/pastries available after the session if you would like to stay on and chat to other club members, hear about future events and get an update on the boathouse construction.

On Sunday 29th the club session from 10 – 12 will continue with a BBQ for all.

At both sessions there will be coaches available so if you feel your technique is a bit rusty you can have some coaching and an opportunity to try out a variety of boats. Do try and join us, bring a few pennies for the refreshments (reasonable prices but any profit will go towards the boathouse) and let’s get lots of club members back out on the water.

Maidenhead Explorers

The Explore Rowing league continues to be a big success with our more competitive rowers. Here is a report from Roger:

Now home and luxuriating in front of a nice warm fire, with a totally unjustified feeling of comfort deserved after the rigours of the day. When the snow started, we all anticipated a phone call saying cancelled but none came. Maidenhead are clearly made of stern stuff for when we got there, there were fours, eights, singles and doubles out the river regardless. Contrary, as per usual, to any logical reasoning, the fates decreed that more crews than ever before should enter today’s event and all but one turned up, so there was a nice atmosphere. Needless to say we got wet and very cold. It is many years since I have seen my hands turn turn quite the shade of blue they were today but at least the snow turned into rain. We should be thankful for small mercies. The results were a little surprising as we only managed to come third and fourth. Perhaps clocks run more slowly in Maidenhead as when we practiced yesterday over an identical if not slightly longer course (round the island) we took the usual 13 minutes. In Maidenhead the crews were averaging 20. Very strange, but then they were trialling a new timing device. Who cares, it was an excellent and companionable way to while away a dreary day and Miadenhead’s club is vey welcoming. We must think about that as we work on the new boathouse.