We have a boat club blazer!

GGBC will be launching its very own club blazer in the next few months. We have collaborated with Walters of Oxford, renowned for their expertise in tailoring rowing club blazers, to design a blazer for us. To gauge reaction, three of us wore a prototype to Henley Royal Regatta two weeks ago and happy to say, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are looking at the cost of a custom map to our club colours and a blue option.

Rowing blazers have a rich history, dating back to the 19th century when they were first worn by rowers to warm-up and became the club ‘strip’ in the boats. They quickly became a symbol of rowing tradition and camaraderie and became an iconic part of the sport’s heritage. We are very excited to contribute to this tradition – recreational boat club or not! If you fancy a club blazer watch this space for their launch in a couple of months.

GGBC goes gigging

A bunch of club members spent the last weekend gig rowing in Lyme Regis. Bumpy ride on the Saturday. Lovely and calm on the Saturday. It’s a whole different technique. No sliding seats. Well, your bum slides while the seat stays put. There is friction! But similar principle – all in the legs (is the theory). Great views and perfect weather for messing about in boats. Plus of course lots of fun and games; fish and chips, beers and great camarderie. Love our club. Big thanks to Tom who organised it all like a pro. 

The Swiss on tour at GGBC

Members of a few Swiss rowing clubs came to visit, hiring the Charles Stanleys for a trip down the Thames over a few days. The stopped off at GGBC for a BBQ hosted by some of our members. A very friendly bunch, we were invited for a reciprocal visit to Switzerland so hopefully a trip there can be arranged next year.

Sport in Mind Waterside Festival

GGBC hosted the waterside festival again this year. Introducing 50 people to the joys of rowing, canoeing, paddleboarding or simply messing about in boats. Plus some games off the water. Tea and cakes a hit as usual. Thanks to all the GGBC volunteers and the lovely people from Sport in Mind. A great afternoon and the sun even shone for much of it. 

Desborough Challenged

Two GGBC crews competed with 14 others in this years Desborough Challenge at Weybridge Rowing Club. We didn’t win, but we may have come third or last. Or somewhere in between. On a lovely bit of the Thames, it’s a 6km time trial around a large island. Made all the more interesting by some speedy pivot turns, a choreographed, high speed, blades up glide through a narrow channel and a cox swap mid stream. Great fun. Tea and cake afterwards of course.