Scull Racking

Subject to availability, club members are able to rent a rack in the boathouse for their own singles (or boats of similar size) at a cost of £260 a year or doubles at £420 including blade storage. Racking space is not available to non club members.

The annual fee for GGBC Membership is just £165, so you can take advantage of high quality racking and the pleasure of rowing on this beautiful stretch of river for just £425 (or £585 for double rack) a year plus mandatory EA registration fees. Blade storage alone is £55.

If you want to discuss renting rack space please email the Racking Manager in the first instance to confirm that we have a space and the facilities you require.

Then, please complete the GGBC racking form.

If you are not already a member you will also need to complete the GGBC full membership form.