Session Times

GGBC offers the following club rowing sessions and other opportunities to members.

Main Club Sessions 

Summer Winter (Cold water rules in place)
Saturday 9am Saturday 9am
Sunday 10am Sunday 10am
Tuesday 6pm to 8pm
Wednesday 9:15am Wednesday 9:15am
Thursday 6pm to 8pm

We manage these sessions with volunteer session managers. If you want to row in organised crews, we recommend that you show your availability on FitClub. You will get a notification of your boating time and crew the evening before the session. Please arrive 15 minutes before the session start time. 

Who are these sessions for? 

All members are welcome at these sessions. The ethos of the club is friendly and inclusive, so experienced rowers are expected to help train new members. That might mean taking a seat in a boat of beginners or coxing the tub. 

Rowing outside of club sessions 

NO beginner or inexperienced rower should go out unaccompanied AT ANY TIME. Anyone wanting to use Club equipment outside of Club sessions must have approval from the Captain of Rowing ( 

Outside sessions, rowers must follow the Rowing Outside Club Sessions rules. In summary: 

● Those wishing to row out of hours must arrange to be self-sufficient, e.g. able to handle boats and cox if needed. 

● Small boats are not allowed to go out alone during the winter months (between 1st November and April 30th) unless the Captain of Rowing approves. 

● You should complete a capsize drill at the first available opportunity 

● When Cold Water Rules are in force, singles and double sculls are not allowed out alone.

Cold Water RulesNo inexperienced members are to be out without coaching supervision and launch cover. At water temperatures less than or equal to 5ºC no novice or inexperienced rowers in small boats (singles, doubles and pairs) are allowed to go out.