August Newsletter

The big news this month is that British Rowing are allowing us to row in coxed or coxless fours and quads.
Eights should be allowed from 29 August if nothing changes.
To allow track and trace we have to keep records of who has been in which boats. If you want to go out in fours and eights, organise a crew and reserve your boat at

Stuart Cowen updated the circulation plan to make it clear that scullers are allowed to set off downstream from the bridge pontoon so long as it is safe.

Thanks to the efforts of Richard Berkley and the coaches, we now have 55 members rowing in club singles.

Huge progress has been made on the slipway. We hope it will be complete by September. Massive thanks to Stuart Hunt, Roger Moore and Brian Barnes among many others.

Doug Hamilton is working on the mezzanine and it is nearly usable.