2014 Regatta is now the 2015 Regatta!

After careful consideration, the Goring Gap Boat Club has decided not to stage the Goring and Streatley Regatta this summer. The event will return in July 2015.

The Regatta site is still waterlogged from the January/February floods and may not dry out sufficiently by July, and in the event of any more significant rainfall in the next 3 months a later cancellation would be inevitable. It makes sense to cancel now, minimizing disruption and giving the water meadow a chance to recover and be in good shape for the 2015 Regatta.

By the time the Regatta returns in 2015 the GGBC’s permanent base in Lower Basildon, for which we have been pursuing planning permission over the last eight months, should be close to becoming a reality. This has been a long held ambition for the Club, and will provide a new focus for our rowing activities nearer to Streatley and Goring.

The Goring and Streatley Regatta in 2015 and will be a major village event and we will be seeking to attract interest from other organisations in the villages to assist by co-hosting the event. In the meantime, GGBC will continue to provide local people with access to the river in a variety of unpowered boats. The Club runs regular Learn-2-Row courses, and holds three open rowing sessions every week. New members are always welcomed regardless of age or experience.