Boat maintenance on Sunday

Sue writes: I’m sorry to say that the river will be awash with canoes and kayaks on Sunday morning so we won’t be rowing.

But I’m happy to say that this means we are going to devote some time on Sunday morning to maintaining, rigging and doing basic repairs to some of our boats……..and we need your help.

If you can spare an hour or so please come along to the boat club at 10am as usual on Sunday morning and give a hand.

Also, Andy McKenzie, our Captain of Boats, is keen to put together a team of boat repairers who could give him a hand from time to time to keep our boats in working order. Being stored outside takes a toll on the woodwork and general state of the boats so if you feel you would be able to lend a hand occasionally, please let Andy know on Sunday. Or if you can’t make Sunday, but are interested, please e-mail Andy You don’t need prior experience as Andy will oversee the work.