Regatta Training – Update and Appeal for Week 2

Dear Volunteers,
Regatta Training is now in full swing and we have already completed 3 fun-packed evenings!  By way of a real bonus, 2 members who completed the mini “Learn 2 Cox” session earlier this year have stepped up, overcome their initial fears and have performed way beyond expectations!  My special thanks to them – they know who they are! . I have also very much appreciated the help and good company of 2 stalwart helpers in Jimmy and Andrew.
My sincere thanks to everyone (not forgetting Andy, our Captain of Boats) who have made this possible.
Week 1 is now fully resourced and is essentially “in the bag”.
HOWEVER, and before we get too complacent, Week 2 is far from secure and I am therefore launching yet another appeal for help.
The Week 2 situation is currently as follows:-
Day Date Session Coxes Coxes Coxing
Manager Required Available Shortfall
Mon 25 June 2012 ? 4 1 3
Tues 26 June 2012 David P 4 4 0
Wed 27 June 2012 ? 4 0 4
Thur 28 June 2012 ? 4 2 2
Fri 29 June 2012 ? 4 2 2
Sat 30 June 2012 Tim Gill 4 0 4
24 9 15
You will see that I am missing:
  • 4 Session Managers (where are they all?)
  • a large number of Coxes.
While I am aware that a number of you may be “holding back”, please consider my well-being and get yourselves booked in as soon as possible!!  I would hate any Session Manager having to cancel a training sessiohn for lack of support
Thank you