Regatta preparations start here!

Thanks to all who turned up at the Elephant on Tuesday evening for the regatta meeting. We had some lively discussions with lots of useful points made, all of which will go into the pot for consideration for this year’s regatta plans.

Suggestions were made for a theme for the regatta, the Olympics obviously, but other options relate to the 20th anniversary of the first ‘modern’ regatta which started in 1992. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions of activities for the day please get in touch.

We will be holding monthly meetings for the regatta committee plus anyone else who has taken on a role assisting with the regatta and anyone who wants to come along and offer their views.

The dates are:
Thursday 16th February
Thursday 22 March
Thursday 19th April
Thursday 17th May
Thursday 14th June
Thursday 12th July

The next meeting on 16th February will be at the Bull in Streatley at

And in case you aren’t aware, it’s only 181 days to go until 21st July 2012!

Ros Crowder