A room with a view

The mezzanine windows went in this week. Eventually, there will be external sliding doors made of the same wooden slats that were removed so all looks the same as it was from the outside when not in use. The mezzanine is one step closer to being a lovely sociable space. One day there may even be a balcony!

Supporting the Thames Pollution Awareness Expedition

On Friday 15th September two GGBC crews accompanied 5 members of the Thames Pollution Awareness Expedition along the Goring to Henley section of their 10 day Thames Marathon. The expedition’s aim was to call for Government action on river pollution .

We had two crews who shared the trip, with a pit stop over at Reading Canoe Club for the change over. Thinking the non regular rower crews would need assistance, we were quite wrong and and had to work hard to keep up! Which was lucky as that meant that the bar was open at the Leander Club who had kindly offered their premises to load the boats onto the trailer for the return home.

Tim Wakefield and Ben Covey from the expedition then went to swim and paddleboard the rest of the way.

Race Day and BBQ

This year’s race day in lieu of the G&S regatta (for now) was originally set for July. However, the weather was against us (strong winds and rain in July – why are we surprised?) and we had to postpone to September.

About 70 members turned up on the day to race, help and generally enjoy a burger. All with an excellent view of the scratch crews sprinting, limping but always somehow, crossing the line. The winners were? Well – it’s hard to remember. But they were pleased and got pots!