Learn to Row

If you have never rowed before don’t worry – most people can pick up the basics of rowing after a couple of sessions. We are always happy to coach novices. Depending on conditions you may start out in a ‘tub pair’ – a stable boat that provides a good environment for learning – or you might go straight out in a four with more experienced rowers. When we train crews for our summer regatta teams learn together in a racing four, and race after 3 to 5 outings. If you would like to learn to row at one of our courses or to sign up your regatta team, please contact please contact the captain of rowing.Rowing at GGBC

We are happy to accept members of any age and level of fitness, although you should be in good health and be able to swim at least 50m. Many of our members have taken up rowing for the first time with the club, others rowed in their youth and welcome the chance to get on the water again.

Most of the club’s rowing is in racing ‘fours’ – these are relatively narrow and light boats with sliding seats that allow the rower to use both legs and arms to drive the boat through the water. As well as the fours we also row in ‘quads’ and single sculls. These boats are similar to the fours, but each rower has two oars, instead of the single large oar used in a four.

Single sculls have a reputation for being difficult to row, but once you have mastered the technique they are great fun. The quads are much easier to row, and provide a good introduction to sculling.