Buy a Brick of the New Boat House

Your opportunity to leave a personalised legacy on the new Goring Gap Boat House.

Goring Gap Boat Club is poised to start building its own boathouse, finally providing a much-anticipated permanent home for one of the largest recreational boating clubs in the Thames Valley.

We need to raise an additional £30,000 to close our funding gap and allow building works to begin within the next few months. We have already secured the majority of the funding required, but we need your help to reach our final target!

We are launching a “buy a brick” campaign, offering all members of the club & community the opportunity to contribute to this exciting project. Although the boathouse itself will not be made of bricks, your donation will be permanently acknowledged with a personalised inscription on our funding wall in the new Boathouse.
We hope you will love this idea as much as we do; not only is it your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy within your club’s new home, but you will be helping to provide vital funds to finally launch this long-anticipated project! We would love as many members as possible to be represented on our donor’s wall.

How to buy your brick

1. Choose your brick:
We are offering 3 different “sizes” of brick, each of which will be recognised with a commensurately sized inscription:

  • Bronze – £100
  • Silver – £250
  • Gold – £500

You can buy as many bricks as you would like!

2. Send your donation:
Donations can be made directly to the Club’s bank account:
Account name:   Goring Gap Boat Club
Sort Code:      30-13-42
Account Number: 12354968
Please use your name as a reference.

3. Let us know:
Please email with details of your donation, including:

  • The name(s) you would like added to the donor’s wall, up to a maximum of 40 characters.
  • Whether we can claim gift aid on your donation.

Your donation can be made anonymously if you would prefer

4. Spread the word:
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might want to take advantage of this opportunity

Urgent Fundraising Appeal

We are close to building a new boathouse between Lower Basildon and Goring. This has taken several years and huge effort from a few dedicated members.

Unfortunately setbacks delayed the project for over a year and construction costs increased. We raised the £245,000 required, but we now need an extra £30,000 to build the first phase of the boathouse. We cannot start building unless we have the money to pay for it.

We have to raise £30,000 fast or grants of £140,000 will expire.

We are in a critical position. Please help by donating to the club fund.

There will be a boathouse briefing on Thursday 23 February at 8pm  at the Goring Social Club. We will provide an update, show the model and plans of the boathouse and answer any  questions. This meeting is open to anyone interested in the boathouse,  not only club members.

Boathouse – latest news

We hope that a start will be made early in 2017 on the road junction to enable access to the site. This is the first step towards the building of the boathouse and will hopefully be complete by the end of February. This will enable access to the site and the commencement of the building work.

We have enough funds, from the club account, grants and fundraising activities, to enable construction of the building but not to complete the building or to carry out the necessary excavations before we can use the site. This will need a further £40 to £50,000.

We need to make a real effort to raise more funds if we are to be in a position to complete the building and make it and the site usable. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to generate matched funding which means that for every £1 we raise ourselves this will be matched so that we can get £2 for each £1.

If every club member could help to generate £100 for the boathouse we could easily raise over £10,000 which would then be doubled to £20,000. Think what we could achieve if every member raised £1,000 (over £100,000 if maths is not your strong point!)

A meeting has been arranged for Thursday 26 January to explore fundraising activities and make plans for this year. We welcome input and offers of support from anyone – club members, friends or family. Do come along to the Going Social club at 7.30pm on 26 January and help us achieve our ambition of the boathouse.

We are also keen to hear from any club members who have relevant skills to offer, such as anyone with a construction background/experience, or anyone with project management skills, or with relevant legal qualifications  – as would anyone with a digger, or access to cheap building materials, or with a tractor and trailer, or landscaping experience.

Ros Crowder

Joint Club Chairwoman

Come and look at our new home on Saturday morning!!!


Instead, Club Members are invited to come along to the new site at Lower Basildon to have a look. You are welcome at any time between 9am and 11am.

Directions – Access to the site is off the A329 between Pangbourne and Streatley. As you exit Lower Basildon in the direction of Streatley (or before you enter the village if coming the other way!!) is a turning to the left (right) called Hook End Lane. Opposite this junction are a set of double gates. This is how you should access the site. I will try to get the gates unlocked for Saturday morning if I can, but they are owned by a third party. If I cannot, just climb over them. You should then turn left and follow the track round and down into a field. Keep going straight across to the other side of the field, turn left at the hedge, and walk down towards the river. Please trust me – it is easier than it sounds.

If I can get the gates unlocked, there will be some parking available along the track to the right. If not, there is also parking across the A329 in Hook End Lane – but obviously take care crossing the road.

Planning application approved with conditions


GGBC’s planning application for a new boathouse has been granted!! Our thanks go out to Boathouse Sub-Committee for all their efforts over the last 8 months, to all Club members past and present who raised the money to fund our complex application, and to the WBC Planning Committee for listening to our case.

Now we have a site and a design for a permanent home, all we need to do is finance and build it. If you can help, or wish to get involved, please step forward and speak with a Club Committee member. There will be plenty to do, and a need for all kinds of skills.

In the meantime, we continue to row three times a week so please come along.

Many thanks