Boathouse progress

The contractors, Scorpion Buildings, have almost completed their preparatory work at the site, having been slightly delayed by bad weather. We are now awaiting delivery of the steel frame to the site, this is programmed to happen during January. Shortly afterwards the erection of the frame can start. This is likely to take approximately 3 to 4 weeks (again weather dependent). As soon as it is feasible to allow club members on to the site we will arrange a visit in order to enable club members to view the progress.

Behind the scenes, since the meeting for club members last October, progress has been made with planning the work packages needed to be undertaken to get us from our current position to operating from the new site. It’s not too late to volunteer to get involved in any way, such as practical tasks at the site, sharing any relevant expertise you may have or lending items of equipment. And we’re happy to accept offers of help from anyone so if you have friends, family, neighbours who are looking for something to do with their spare time do tell them about our project and ask them to get in touch.

The British Rowing Facilities Consultant visited the site before Christmas and was impressed with the work to date and our plans for the future. He expressed his support for the project.