GGBC goes to the Seaside

The Coastal Barbarians Rowing Club gave 21 GGBC members an experience to remember in Studland last Sunday. Over 3 sessions, in singles (for the brave or just plain unlucky) and doubles for the rest, we splashed about in the surf trying to look like we knew how to row!

The weather was amazing and the beach packed with day trippers watching in awe as GGBC took to coastal rowing like the proverbial ducks to water. Or maybe like a bunch of yappy dogs to water, paddling furiously and trying not to cry or laugh hysterically as the waves threw the boats about.

We zipped across the bay and back, under Old Harry Rocks and back to the beach, surfing in on the waves, each of us swearing never to mind a bit of boat wash on the Thames again.. or some simply swearing!

Big thanks to Peter for organising 20 of us, herding cats with aplomb, and the Barbarians who were extremely supportive and hospitable. And thanks to Mel for the pictures.

It was a superb day out, helped by the weather, good company and a great experience all round.