Who Are We?


For many years Goring Gap Boat Club was a private club – with no separate legal
existence. Then it became a CASC (Community and Amateur Sports Club around 2012 and in 2016 a limited company was formed to run the club.

Legal Structure

Goring Gap Boat Club Ltd is a company limited by guarantee (No. 09977977) registered with Companies House in England. A company limited by guarantee is a normal company, but rather than each person owning a variable number of limited risk shares, each member gives an equal guarantee (to pay £1 if the company fails). That guarantee works like having one, nontransferrable, share in the company. Goring Gap Boat Club Ltd’s Articles of Association are downloadable.

Club Bylaws

In the old club a lot of detailed things were set by the rules. Some of these do not appear in the AoA of the new club and will now be set by bylaws. A list of the club’s bylaws, which cover things like safety, conduct and membership are included in our handbook and can be downloaded.
The company’s objects (“Objects”) are to promote the sport of Rowing and to provide facilities for members to participate in the sport of Rowing. These are consistent with its aims as a CASC.