Regatta Crew Training

After entry, crews are emailed a username and password for our training session booking system.

Sessions will run between 19 June and 8 July.

Please consider the following when booking training:

  1. Most crews will book four training sessions. Sessions run on Monday to Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.
  2. Please space your training sessions out – the last week of training gets very busy.
  3. We run up to four boats each night. Please do not put any entries in the cox columns, we use these to arrange your cox.
  4. It is easier for us to staff one boat for the three sessions each day than to put three boats out for one session. Please help us to help you.
  5. Booking double sessions is allowed, but are only advisable for fit, experienced crews. If you are novices you’ll probably find spaced out single sessions better.
  6. Please don’t cancel bookings at short notice – it complicates things for coxes and other crews. If you do have to cancel with less than 36 hours notice please call the session supervisor. Names and numbers should appear on the e-allocator site.
  7. To try and make training sessions go as smoothly as possible please read these notes:

  8. There is a map on the club website.
  9. Car parking on site is very limited. If you can share a ride, that’s great, otherwise please park in one of the two car parks at the bottom of the lane. Please do not park in the lane .
  10. Please arrive on time – we run to a tight timetable.
  11. Wear suitable clothes – shorts or track suits and tightish tops are best. We will not let you row in jeans. Loose t-shirts will tangle in bits of boat.
  12. When you arrive the session supervisor will sort out a cox and get you afloat. Any questions feel free to ask – that’s what they are there for!
  13. If the crew going out isn’t the crew on the entry form please tell us – we need a record of everyone who boats.
  14. When you arrive for your first training session we will ask you to fill out a club regatta membership form so we have all required personal details.
  15. If you have any health concerns that you think we should know about please tell the session supervisor.
  16. Sessions may be suspended if we have thunderstorms or other extreme weather, but we normally continue training in light rain.
  17. If you fancy a bit of pre training preparation there are some materials on our website.