Site progress

Thanks to everyone who helped out over the recent weekend. Good progress was made and the site is taking shape. The new scaffolding boat racks are complete, and already supporting the larger boats. The pavilion/shed has walls and a roof – needs a door and some felt on the roof, but that’s a detail!

So what remains to be done? Well we have to complete the movement of boats, complete the pavilion, including racking for blades, and move equipment from the Oratory’s boathouse, plus all the other stuff that I’ve forgotten.

 Hardwick - The new shed and boat racks


Progress on the Hardwick site

Hardwick site – where the scaffolding and boats will go

Those of you who have been down to row recently will have see the changes next to the Boathouse:

We have marked out the Hardwick site for the scaffolding which will eventually comprise the racking for our boats.

The equipment hut base has been laid with hardcore and levelled, the central area where the hut sits to within an astonishing 1 inch all over (Andy used a laser).

The right hand side (the entrance) and the left hand side (the toilet) may be finished off with levelling sand and paving stones later  if there is enough budget in the current estimate.

Hardwick site – entrance to new boat area

The base of the equipment hut has been made and laid and is currently in place, levelled off and ready to receive the sides and roof that will turn it into a hut.

Hardwick site – the base where the pavilion will go

The locations for the scaffolding racks have been laid out by Roger and are clearly able to contain all the boats we had hoped for during our residence here.

Volunteers needed this weekend – 17/18 March

Dear Club Member

Those who rowed last Saturday or Sunday will have seen that our new facilities are beginning to take shape. This weekend, we plan to erect the new racking for our boats and start to move them across. This requires many hands – particularly moving the larger boats. If you can spare the club a couple of hours over the weekend, therefore, this would be really helpful.

We will be running Working Parties on Saturday starting at 9am and Sunday starting at 10am. These will run into the afternoon so, even if you have other commitments in the morning, please consider coming down after lunch.

We will also be running our normal Club rowing session at 10am on Sunday to which all are welcome. Perhaps, if you are rowing, you could stay on for an hour or so afterwards and help out!

With best regards


Regatta preparations start here!

Thanks to all who turned up at the Elephant on Tuesday evening for the regatta meeting. We had some lively discussions with lots of useful points made, all of which will go into the pot for consideration for this year’s regatta plans.

Suggestions were made for a theme for the regatta, the Olympics obviously, but other options relate to the 20th anniversary of the first ‘modern’ regatta which started in 1992. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions of activities for the day please get in touch.

We will be holding monthly meetings for the regatta committee plus anyone else who has taken on a role assisting with the regatta and anyone who wants to come along and offer their views.

The dates are:
Thursday 16th February
Thursday 22 March
Thursday 19th April
Thursday 17th May
Thursday 14th June
Thursday 12th July

The next meeting on 16th February will be at the Bull in Streatley at

And in case you aren’t aware, it’s only 181 days to go until 21st July 2012!

Ros Crowder

Santa row photos

The week before Christmas saw the club’s traditional Santa Row. Red hats were mandatory, as was carol singing. It is a shame that few members knew any carols beyond their first two lines…..

Thanks to Neil Derbyshire for the photos.