November 2023

Hello All,

Water, water everywhere … The Club is on Black Boards for the third weekend running. There is no rowing.

Our section of the Thames is flowing at about 123 m3/sec as of 12.45pm today (Reading station has the nearest flow gauge). You can find this measure here.

Save the link to your phone and if you are like me you will refer to it on a daily basis! It’s become a compulsion!

Over 100 m3/sec and we are on black boards and there is no rowing for anyone. We will advise by email to the whole club when the club is on and off black boards just to make sure everyone knows.

If you have signed up for a session or to book a boat, make sure you look out for messages from FitClub which will let you know what the status is and, if there is any rowing at all, what precautions are being taken. The flow, level, temperature, wind, boat size and rower experience are all taken into account.

Important – if you are taking a club boat outside of a session then you must book it out on Fitclub. If you are not on Fitclub click here to sign up. 

Land based training – keeping members fit and strong 

Big thanks to Stuart who has been running some erg and body weight exercises whilst we are off the water. The sessions are set up on FitClub so please sign up there to say if you are coming so that the numbers can be managed. All welcome. Treat it like a normal session though – please turn up if you put your name down or take your name off the night before.

AGM – 21st November, 7.30 – 9pm, Pangbourne WMC (

Do come along if you can. Hear what we have been up to and vote in your new committee. We will not have print outs of the papers that have been emailed to you already so if you wish to refer to them then do so on your phone. We will circulate all the papers via email after the meeting. Don’t forget no parking at the venue – but free parking in the village hall car park round the corner. Please arrive a little early and get a drink if you want one so we can be ready to start at 7.30 promptly.

Christmas Party Friday 8th December 7.30pm – The Bull in Streatley

Please let us know if you are coming by Friday 24th November

An evening of music, food and dancing (not compulsory!). Partners & friends welcome. The party is on FitClub so please sign up and pay the Club referencing your name, party, number of tickets. £25 a head.