January Newsletter


Red, Black, Red, Amber, Black, Amber and back to Red this afternoon. It’s like the river status is running its own light show.

We had a foray into normal rowing last weekend. The river was good. Lots of lovely rowers turned up and had a refreshing, glad-to-back-on the-water time. It was fun. More please.

The big clean up

44 members turned up to help clean up the boathouse after the river decided to take up residence for a few days and several who answered the Thursday morning call to come and get as much off the floor or floatable when we knew it was coming.

Thank you so much! You are all awesome. The boathouse looks pretty much the same as usual – it’s amazing what evils a green carpet can hide. The only victims were some life jackets that fell off their perches into the flood and automatically inflated in the darkness. New gas cannisters required to bring them back to life. The pontoon needed a bit of TLC and still needs a little more attention so that next time the ramp is as happy to rise with the water as the rest of it.


Is fun. We will be running some more coxing courses over the year ahead so more people are happy to step up occasionally. Please volunteer if you can – no need to wait for a course if you’ve done it before. More hands make light work and it’s good for your own rowing to watch other people.

Some coxes are still learning. Please make them feel valued. If you have an alternative view save it for when you are next in the cox’s seat or talk to a coach.

Incident reporting

Just another quick reminder given the time of year, if you have an incident that could have, or actually did, harm a person(s) or boats on or off the water, however minor, please fill in a British Rowing incident report – link is on the website. It helps us work out if we need to do some more training or change something for the better for all of us. No blame. Just good information.  

Learn to Row

Have you got any friends who might want to Learn to Row? The Spring course dates are 27 April, 4, 11, 18 May with a tank session on 8 May. Dates for two more courses throughout the year in Summer and Autumn will be posted online later. 

Course fee is £165. 16 places will fill up fast so spread the word.

Do you want to compete in some fun races or go on a rowing tour?

Richard has put together a list – full details are on the website here. Sign up on FitClub – there is place for ‘maybe’ so don’t feel committed because you expressed an interest. Keep scrolling to the relevant date on Fitclub – they are in there. 

The earliest races are:

Molesey Marathon, Sunday 18th Feb

This is a Thames Valley Explorer League (TVEL) Event which means it is a sculling race done in the Charles Stanley Touring Boats or equivalent. It is a timed race over 6 km. There are categories for Open, Mixed and all Female Crews of four plus a cox. This is an excellent opportunity for L2R Graduates to find out what racing is like. Entries close on the 9th Feb so if you are interested sign up on FitClub asap. For info 6km is about 30-45 minutes depending on how fit you are feeling. Worth it for the refreshments alone.

Saturday 24th Feb – Burway Head

Saturday 9th March – Derwent Water Head

Saturday 16th March – The Goring Gap Lap – that’s us!!! Put the date in your diary anyway – even if not rowing – come and help make our guests feel welcome.

Saturday 13th April – Head of the Dart – usually involves beer and a sleep over – great fun.

Boathouse Update

Whilst waiting for Thames Water to connect us to the mains, we have decided to take the opportunity instead to filter rain and river water for use as grey water in the boathouse and continue to bring in drinking water. It’s cheaper, easier and more importantly likely to happen sooner.

More power is on the agenda. Also, a bigger tank for our “waste”. Oh, the romance!  So is continuing with the mezzanine fit out and refitting the downstairs kitchen with some more hygienic surfaces in readiness for hot water! By the end of Spring you should see some big changes. And, of course, if you feel like pitching in then let our boathouse team know boathouse@goringgapbc.org.uk.

That’s it for January news. Bring on some rowing!