GGBC Limited

Joining GGBC Limited and its £1 Guarantee

Part of building our own boathouse at Lower Basildon meant that we had to become a limited company (Goring Gap Boat Club Limited) in 2016, to limit the liability of the GGBC Committee and trustees when signing contracts for the building and running of the new boathouse.

Goring Gap Boat Club Limited is a company limited by guarantee. When you join you become a member of the company and agree to be bound by the company’s articles, rules and by-laws. In particular, you agree to guarantee the debts of the company up to a maximum amount of £1, should the company be wound up while you are a member; this is a condition of joining. Being a guarantor also allows you to vote at our annual AGM.

For more details about GGBC Limited please refer to the Membership Handbook.