December Newsletter

A message from our new Chair

As the new Chair of the Committee, I am both honoured and excited to support the club. I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to the committee, coaches, session managers and the many other volunteers for their enthusiasm and dedication to the club.

I am particularly looking forward to the fantastic development plans for the boathouse this year. These improvements will undoubtedly enhance our experiences and create more opportunities for us to enjoy the water. This club is all about mucking in and we can promise plenty of opportunities to volunteer and be part of the build.

I wish each of you a fantastic Christmas and wonderful New Year. I hope we see a change in the weather soon and can get back on the water.

Warm Regards, Simon Peacock

Rowing Restrictions – River conditions

The river has not been kind to rowers for a while now. Whilst the river is on yellow, red and unfortunately, recently black boards, there are boating restrictions in place so please keep an eye out for the status updates from coaches via FitClub.

We are all extremely aware that everyone is itching to get back to rowing and please be assured that as soon as it is possible to do so safely then we will let you know. In the meantime, please continue to put your availability on FitClub so that the captain of rowing can see who is available. Where there are some restrictions in place experience is needed in the boats so often it may depend not just on the river conditions but who is available to row and cox.

The mezzanine floor – please use with care

If it’s not safe for you to row, there is always erging. There are several ergs upstairs at the rear of the mezzanine you are welcome to use and often organised erg training sessions during normal session times – these are also advertised on FitClub.

If you do go up on the mezzanine please do not step over or take down the yellow hazard tape. Areas of the mezzanine are under construction and there are potential hazards that the tape is meant to protect you, and those that come after you, from.

Membership renewals – please give us notice

Following the AGM an amendment to the club rule on renewals now states “Members not intending to renew their subscription are required to give 28 days’ notice (prior to their renewal date) to the Membership Secretary in order that their membership can be cancelled.”

If your annual membership renewal is coming up and you do not wish to continue (heaven forbid) then it is your responsibility to let us know. Please do not simply cancel your direct debit and consider it done. A quick email to the membership secretary is all that is needed (

Incident Reporting – a reminder

Any incident that either did cause harm or could potentially have caused harm (near misses) to people or boats, rowers and non-rowers should be reported to British Rowing. Once an incident is logged on their site then our safety advisor and captains will receive a notification. There is a link on the homepage of the website under Links, and in the members area with more details from British Rowing about what should be logged and how. It’s confidential and not at all about blame but to make sure that training or processes can be reviewed if necessary.


Club captains are currently forming a plan for some competitive rowing (from beginners to more experienced) this year so if you fancy giving yourself a goal then do look out for these as they are posted.

Social events

The Christmas party was enjoyed by many (one of our newer members was amazingly accurate with an orange in a stocking) and the Wednesday rowers enjoyed lunch at the Swan in Pangbourne as the river hurtled over the weir at an alarming rate! Unfortunately, the much-loved Santa Row was cancelled due to the dire river conditions. But we are hatching a plan for a back to the river day to get you all back in boats and eating bacon (and veggie) rolls in the New Year. Look out for the date – currently undecided as it feels like tempting fate!

The Boys in the Boat

This fabulous new film cannot fail to inspire us all and it’s out in January. We will post the date and time of a particular screening at the Reading Biscuit Factory on the social whatsapp and anyone interested can book that showing and we can meet for a pint beforehand! If you are interested but not on the social whatsapp just reply to me and I’ll let you know.

Keeping you informed

Club Calendar – hosted on google and under Links on the website. This is not the FitClub calendar but will give details of events and working parties etc coming up.  

The website will also list upcoming events on the front page.

And finally, the newsletters are now hosted in the members area on the website so you can find any info you might have missed in there.

That’s all for December. Happy Christmas and see you in the new year or even before!