Rowing Technique and Coxing

Rowing Technique – Excellent technique is the key to fast efficient rowing!

The British Rowing website has some excellent information – be sure to check it out. British Rowing technique
The Junior section of the British Rowing website has some great advice for beginners – be they adult or junior! Well worth a visit:

Coxing – there’s a lot more to coxing than just steering the boat… it’s great fun, and far less exhausting than rowing. Now available the GGBC Coxing Handbook – a comprehensive guide to coxing and coaching. Also available as a pre-formatted booklet version – an A5 booklet (using 2 pages per side of A4 paper) in the correct order to staple together ….You’ll needĀ double sided printing.

Check out the – Coxing_Checklist

Below are some links to coxing guides…..well worth a read.

Coxing for Beginners
Coxing Course – Coxing_course_level_1, Steering
OarSport – Training & Coaching

What is it like to row?

Rowing technique – slow rating, half pressure


Fast ratingĀ  – firm pressure (racing speed)


Beautiful relaxing rowing

Rowing in an 8:

What’s it like to scull?
Sculling technique:

From Bowpair – a lovely site with a collection of rowing/sculling images.

Beautiful relaxing sculling in slow and fast motion:



Getting back in the boat after a capsize


You know you’re a rower when you have to practise at work: