New Boathouse

Latest status: 24 October 2017

Work has started on the new boathouse. We are organising phase 2 of the build.

Donations can be made directly into the club account:

Goring Gap Boat Club

Sort Code 30-13-42 

Account Number 12354968

Please provide your name as a reference and email us to let us know whether we can claim gift aid on your donation. Please hand your completed gift aid form to a committee member.

Plans and models

All the new boathouse planning documents can be viewed in the blue file inside the shed. They can also be viewed on line at West Berkshire Council’s website.

S1 planning
S2 planning
P1a planning
P2 planning
P3 planning
P7 planning
P8 planning
P9 planning
P10 planning

3D 05
3D 07
3D 13
3D 14
3D 15