New Boathouse

Latest status: 15 January 2017

New boathouseWe hope that a start will be made early in 2017 on the road junction to enable access to the site. This is the first step towards the building of the boathouse and will hopefully be complete by the end of February, thus enabling access to the site and the commencement of the building work.
We currently have sufficient funds, from the club account, grants and fundraising activities to date, to enable construction of the building but not to fully complete the building or to carry out the necessary excavations that will be required before we can use the site. This will require a further £40 to £50,000.
We therefore need to make a real effort to raise more funds if we are to be in a position to complete the building and make it and the site usable. Fortunately we have the opportunity to generate matched funding which means that for every £1 we raise ourselves this will be matched so that we can get £2 for each £1.
If every club member could help to generate £100 for the boathouse we could easily raise over £1,000 which would then be doubled to £2,000. Think what we could achieve if every member raised £5,000 (over £100,000 if maths is not your strong point!)
A meeting has been arranged for Thursday 26 January to explore fundraising activities and make plans for this year. We welcome input and offers of support from anyone – club members, friends or family. Do come along to the Going Social club at 7.30pm on 26 January and help us achieve our ambition of the boathouse.
We are also keen to hear from any club members who have relevant skills to offer such as anyone with a construction background/experience, or anyone with Project Management skills, or with relevant legal qualifications – as would anyone with a digger, or access to cheap building materials, or with a tractor and trailer, or landscaping experience.

Plans and models

All the new boathouse planning documents can be viewed in the blue file inside the shed. They can also be viewed on line at West Berkshire Council’s website.

S1 planning
S2 planning
P1a planning
P2 planning
P3 planning
P7 planning
P8 planning
P9 planning
P10 planning

3D 05
3D 07
3D 13
3D 14
3D 15