Explore Boats Hire

We offer four Swift Freedom Touring boats for hire through the British Rowing Explore programme.

Boats come on a trailer with the oars. We rig the boats as coxed fours or coxed quads on demand.

Please make your request at least five days in advance, with collection and return dates. Once we accept your booking we will request online payment of the booking fee, which is £100 per day.

We have a delivery checklist with instructions for rigging and loading the trailer.

Upon collection and return we will check the boats with you, noting any missing or damaged items. GGBC insure all boats. The hirer pays the first £250 in costs for missing or damaged items. For damage caused in transit, for example due to broken straps, the hirer is liable for the first £500.

We not ask for a security deposit and GGBC will try to make repairs at minimal cost. We aim to stay below the insurance excesses noted above.

Current Bookings: