Winter Rowing

  1. 1With immediate effect we ask that all crews take a mobile phone on the water with them and swap mobile numbers with the session manager before they boat. This is so that crews and session managers can contact each other in case of an emergency. We have blue waterproof wallets that people can use to protect their phones (they are kept in the SM box). This applies to all coxed and coxless boats (i.e. single sculls and doubles etc.)
  2. Please remind crews to check the boats before putting them on the water and clean them afterwards and rack them properly. Here are some YouTube videos that I’ve made to show you how ( and ).
  3. It’s a good idea to know how to throw a throw line. If you haven’t used one before then have a go when you are down next. Here are two short YouTube clips that show you how ( and )
  4. What boats and blades should you use? All the boats, except for the wooden eights, are in working order and can be used. Andy suggests using the navy blue sweepoar blades for the fine boats and the light blue blades (with the wooden handles) for all other boats including the restricted fours. For sculling blades select a set of blades whose handle/grip fits most comfortably in the rower’s hand.