Safety and Welfare


We all need to be aware of safety and how to conduct ourselves in a safe manner. It’s in everyone’s interests to follow a few simple guidelines, mostly just common sense, which will make everyone’s time on the river a more enjoyable and accident free experience.  All members are actively encouraged to read the GGBC safety policy (see the members’ booklet), read the safety notice boards and the British Rowing Row Safe Code.

GGBC takes the welfare of all our members seriously, particularly vulnerable adults and children. The club has appointed a welfare officer who should be contacted should anyone have concerns.


Children between the ages of 12-18 can join the club as junior members, but a British Rowing Disclosure Barring Service (DBS was CRB) checked Adult Club Member must supervise them at the club, both on or off the water.  It is not acceptable for the parent/guardian to leave their child on the bank while they go rowing.

As we are a small club, we insist that parents get DBS checked so that they are able to supervise their children unattended. The BR-DBS checking process is completed via the British Rowing Online Disclosures System. GGBC requires the accompanying Adult to have membership of British Rowing (currently £29/year) and GGBC, in order for us to initiate the BR-DBS process.

If the children row, they must be accompanied by their parent/guardian in the boat with them. Club Members with BR-DBS certificates are Alison Procter, Stuart Cowen, Iain Cheyne and Geoff Arnold – these members may agree to go out in a boat with an U18, if their parent wishes to go out in a different boat or stay on the bank.

For Temporary U18 Members visiting the club on the first or second occasion, these requirements are not essential, but please ask if one of the above named club members is available to accompany the U18.