The lighter side of rowing

Rowing funnies:

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Why we launch sitting down:

and this is why we get in a boat one side at a time:

Who’s faster -kayaking or rowing?

Rowing in a five – Take That: The Flood :

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A guide to up-to-date technique and style:

For coxes:

As a new cox I have come to the realization that coxing is 70% sitting in a puddle of cold water, 20% getting splashed by your rowers, and 10% wondering if there actually is a log right in front of your boat or are you just seeing things

always assume it’s a log
because the one time you assume you’re seeing things, it will be a log. Guaranteed.

You know you are a rower when:

– you are better at docking your single scull than parking your car
-you have bruises on the back of your calves
-everything you do is timed
-you don’t mind walking over frozen bird shit in your socks
– Christmas got in the way of an outing
– you can eat anything you like because you know you are going to burn it off on your next row
– when you see a flat body of water you instantly think of how good it would be to row on it
-you need to have a small pushy person around telling you what to do all the time
-you can get up, get dressed and get out of bed before your eyes are fully open
-the phrase “cox box” doesn’t make you giggle
-you live in lycra leggings
-you don’t recognise your fellow rowers when they wear a suit or dress
-you check the weather forecast before you go to bed and then again before you get up
-before you go anywhere, you check you have spare clothes in the boot of your car
-you stick water bottles in your shorts for no reason at all
-your friends need a rowing translator to decipher your language
-you can wear the same thing every morning for a week and not think twice
-you think that getting up at 8am on a Sunday is having a lie in and that lunch should really begin at 11am.
-your hands are wrecked with calluses
-when you sit down, you look for the tie-in shoes.
-you constantly check the tightness of nuts in handrails, chairs, door handles, etc.
-you think rowing gloves are for sissies, but think nothing of wearing a silly hat during Santa Row
-you mention how beautiful the dawn was this morning, and people give you blank stares
-overhearing people talk about how little sleep they got causes you to smirk
-overhearing people talk about their diets causes you to smirk
-your vision of  relaxing makes other people break out in a sweat
-you find it difficult to talk about right and left when giving directions…
-you can take off your top sweatshirt with one hand ( so you don’t have to take your hand off the oar.)
-you like sliding backwards and forwards in your office chair just to “check the slide”
– you are better at looking over your left shoulder than your right shoulder
-you’re really good at standing on one leg
-you’re really good at sitting in a space designed for a 6 year old
– now you are retired you find you can easily row 5 K  before breakfast as a nice way of starting the day….

With thanks to Row2K