Rowing at GGBCGGBC has an ever growing fleet of boats. Most are quite old but in excellent condition. Many are ‘restricted’ – very stable and ideal to learn in. The current list extends from single sculls to 8s… there should be something for everyone. We also have a fleet of gigs, …ideal for families and beginners.

Maintenance is an ongoing task so if you have some hidden skills or a few spare hours please feel free to come down and help out. The older wooden boats are beautifully made and a privilege to work on….but they do need constant attention to keep them in tip top condition.828

We’re always looking for quality boats and equipment – good condition is more important than super fast (and expensive) boats. Let use know if you hear of anything good! Our currently registered boats are:

Number Name Type
GOG001 Eight
GOG005 Ratty Eton 4
GOG006 Badger Eton 4
GOG007 Mole Eton 4
GOG008 Toad Eton 4
GOG009 Eton 4
GOG010 Eton 4
GOG011 Make it Happen Fine Pair
GOG014 Red Kite Single
GOG015 Wren Single
GOG016 Hobby Single
GOG017 Kingfisher Single
GOG018 Snuffy Eton Gig
GOG022 Martin Kay Double
GOG023 Coaching launch
GOG026 Nev Single
GOG027 John Miller Double
GOG029 One for All Fine Four
GOG031 All for One Fine Four
GOG032 Punt
GOG033 Punt
GOG042 Jolly Roger Tub